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For garage door service in Arlington, TX, contact the professionals at South Arlington Overhead & Garage Door by dialing 817-383-2173.

We are the best garage door installers and maintenance workers in town. In addition, we can replace broken garage door springs, install and repair garage door openers, and repair broken driveway gates.

South Arlington Overhead & Garage Door is the most reputable garage door provider in the Arlington, TX area. As the top garage door team, we like assisting those in need.

We provide a variety of system repairs at cheap costs. We want to keep your garage door in excellent condition because you use it frequently. With regular upkeep, your garage door will always function properly. We are able to repair your garage doors, motion detectors, and remote controls as well.

We also offer skilled and dependable garage door repair in Arlington, TX

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South Arlington Overhead & Garage Door does the following services:

Residential Garage Doors

We understand how important it is for you to have a perfectly functioning garage door so that you can continue with your daily routines. Because the majority of us lead extremely busy lives, one of the primary reasons we do what we do is to ensure that you can access your vehicle when you need to. Residents hire us to install or replace their garage doors, but they also know they can rely on us to achieve garage door repairs in  Arlington, TX as efficiently, effectively, and expertly as possible. We have been assisting residents in and around Arlington, TX for over a decade.

Commercial Garage Doors

South Arlington Overhead & Garage Door services and installs commercial garage doors in addition to those for residential uses. Have you grown weary of having your commercial garage door repaired repeatedly? Or is the performance still poor despite the maintenance? Then it is time to seriously consider commercial garage door replacement. When you consider the amount of money you must invest, this option may appear to be quite unattractive. But installing a new commercial garage door is beneficial for your business such as safety, security, appearance, utility, insulation and maintenance.

Garage Door Repair

Similar to a chipped front tooth, a broken garage door is annoying. It will annoy you each time you enter or exit the parking lot.


When your garage door stops working, your home’s security will be at risk. South Arlington Overhead & Garage Door is your local garage door repair expert in Arlington, TX. Call us and provide as much information as possible regarding the issue and we will then immediately dispatch a technician to repair your garage door.


At South Arlington Overhead & Garage Door, garage door repair is one of our primary services. It is essential to keep in mind that not every home requires a brand-new garage door. Some people may believe that their old garage door can be repaired, while others may lack the funds to purchase a new one. Our garage door repair service in Arlington, TX can assist you in any situation. When one of our skilled technicians arrives at your residence, he will examine the garage door, evaluate its condition, and determine what is wrong with it. Once the issue has been identified, he will begin the repair. You can receive all the necessary garage door maintenance services with us. 

Garage Door Maintenance

The majority of homeowners ignore the maintenance requirements of their garage doors. Everyday use puts it at risk to wear and tear. Its mechanical, electrical, and electronic components are easily damaged due to their frequent use. Always consider garage door maintenance, as this will keep your door in good condition for years. Call South Arlington Overhead & Garage Door for your garage door maintenance in Arlington, TX so that it does not freeze up or become jammed.


Lubricating your garage door is also essential for its functionality and lifespan. Each month, you must inspect your garage door. Regular inspections and lubrication could significantly extend the life of your garage door and you may be able to save money.

Garage Door Installation

When installing garage doors in your home, you should only contact experts. With South Arlington Overhead & Garage Door, we are able to offer our clients garage door installation services in Arlington, TX that are durable.


We collaborate with the top contractors in the industry to satisfy all of your design needs. Our specialty is installing garage doors on both new and existing homes. We will also ensure that you are able to take advantage of our services by performing garage door maintenance when necessary. Our mission is to provide clients with durable services.

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers essentially allow access to the garage. The majority of garage doors are opened with a chain similar to a bicycle chain, but there are now three ways to drive them: chain, belt, and screw.


You can also use a remote control that allows you to lock or unlock your garage door. Your remote lockout disables the radio receiver, preventing access to the garage. When sensors detect an attempt to forcibly open the garage door or illegal access, force-entry lockdown systems secure the door.

Internet-connected smartphones can operate garage door openers as well. Your door opener can now monitor and record the opening and closing of the door. It can also notify you if the door opens or closes unexpectedly. Fingerprint scanners outside your garage allow family members and other authorized individuals to enter. This prevents youngsters from becoming locked out.


If you wish to replace your garage door opener, get in touch with South Arlington Overhead & Garage Door to learn more about the available options.

Garage Door Spring Repairs

Despite the quality of your garage door, this will not always be the case. Eventually, it will become difficult to open and close your garage door. It is possible that the garage door springs are malfunctioning. This is another issue with a garage door that a beginner should not attempt to resolve. If this occurs, please contact our experts at South Arlington Overhead & Garage Door so that our knowledgeable technicians can assist you. Without garage door springs, it would be nearly impossible to open and close the garage door. They are too heavy to be opened or closed, but the springs assist in lifting them.

Drive Gate Repair

In order to secure your house, your family, and the environment around you, you should immediately fix any drive gates that are now broken. Call South Arlington Overhead & Garage Door immediately to schedule a service for your drive gate.


Most of the time, gates are so simple to operate that we do not really think about them and we do not even give them the care they require, so small issues continue to worsen until the gate stops functioning. Due to this, we recommend that you inspect your driveway gates at least once a year. In addition to basic maintenance such as greasing hinges and inspecting electrical connections, there are additional considerations to make, such as maintaining the chain tension in a sliding gate or the spring tension in a lifting gate. Our skilled professionals will examine it, and if any problems exist, they will likely discover them before they occur.

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